Q: Who is allowed to live at The House at Cornell Tech?

A: The House at Cornell Tech is a residential building for graduate students, faculty, academics, staff, and other affiliates of Cornell University, and primarily serves the graduate student, academic and faculty population of Cornell Tech. Non-Cornell affiliated family members are allowed to reside in the building as long as the primary resident on the license is a member of the Cornell community. Please see the Cornell Tech Policy on Family Housing for more information on eligibility.

Q: Is Gender-inclusive housing available?

A: Gender-inclusive housing is a policy that affords all Cornell students the option to live on campus with whomever (other students) they choose, regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity. Students may share an apartment and bathroom with someone of a different biological sex, gender, or gender identity. When you apply for housing, you may opt in to mixed-gender housing after viewing a video and agreeing to the rules. Note that everyone wishing to share a room or suite with someone of a different gender must opt in when applying for housing. For additional information on this Cornell University policy see https://scl.cornell.edu/residential-life/housing/housing-details/gender-inclusive-housing#

Q: If I am a Cornell University student living in NYC, am I able to live here?

A: Currently you must be a graduate student enrolled in a Cornell Tech program.

Q: What is a license agreement?

A: A license agreement is the agreement between Cornell Tech and the individual renter. Cornell Tech is the lease-holder for the building and licenses space to individuals.

Q: What is the pet policy for the building?

A: All student, postdoc, PhD., and visiting academic apartments (floors 3-23) are fully furnished and to protect the cleanliness and longevity of these furnishings, pets are not allowed in any of these units.

Q. Is there bicycle storage?

A: Yes, bicycle storage is available for residents on the ground level of the building.

Q: Is parking available?

A: There is no on-site parking available in the building. However, there is a municipal garage at the north end of the island where you may park vehicles for a daily or monthly rate. Click link to learn more about Motorgate Parking. There is also metered street parking around the island.
In addition, there is convenient on-island transportation via the Red Bus shuttle which is a free service and can take you throughout the island. Service to Manhattan, Queens and beyond is available via the island’s subway station, Roosevelt Island Tram, MTA bus and ferry service.

Q: It says the apartments for students are furnished. Can I bring my own furniture instead?

A: The apartments are fully furnished and furniture cannot be added or removed per the license agreement each renter signs. Specific furniture per apartment size is detailed when you double click on the floor plans on the Residence page. You may, of course, bring small furnishings and personal belongings which will fit within the space. It is recommended that you coordinate this with other occupants in shared apartments with space constraints in mind. Storage space for University-owned furniture and/or student’s personal belongings is not available.

Q: What size bed will be in my apartment?

A: The one bedroom apartments are furnished with a queen size bed and mattress. All other apartments, including studios, alcove studios, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, are furnished with a full size bed and mattress.

Q: Since my apartment comes with furniture, is there anything else I need to supply?

A: All apartments come furnished with mattresses. Each resident will need to supply their own sheets, pillows, comforter/quilt/blanket, shower curtain (specifically size 72″ wide by 78″ long), trash can(s), hangers, and kitchenware such as dishes, utensils, cookware, and glasses. Small area rugs and any additional side lighting may be brought in, if desired.

Q: What is the term of the annual licenses for apartments?

A: The one year license agreement is from August 1 through July 15th. The building requires a move out date of July 15th to allow for deep cleaning of the units and furnishings prior to new tenants’ arrival for the upcoming academic year. License terms cannot be prorated based on late move in or early move out schedules. Monthly or single semester rental is not an option.

Q: Are utilities included in my rent?

A: Water, WiFi throughout the building and in your apartment, and broadcast cable are included in the rent. Use of the bike room and the fitness space are included in the rent as well. There is a laundry room in the building and residents pay for their laundry. Electricity is not included in the rent and will be billed by apartment to each occupant and due monthly. All appliances are energy efficient and apartments are highly energy efficient as well based on the passive house building features.

Q: How will my rent be billed?

A: For masters students, the rent will be bursar billed by semester in July and December and payable before the semester begins. You may want to consider the Bursar’s Office option of a Cornell Installment Plan to pay monthly for paying your bursar-billed expenses. See link for details. PhD students and academic employees have the option to pay via semi-monthly payroll deduction.

Q: What do the rent amounts on the Residences page mean?

A: The license term for the 11.5 month period is August 1 through July 15. The semester rent is displayed for your bursar billing reference (fall semester period is August 1 through December 31 and spring semester period is January 1 through July 15). The pricing matrix includes annual costs for the entire 11.5 month license for your reference as well. The Security Deposit amount reflects the deposit due before or upon move in. This will be returned to you after you move out as long as you return the apartment in the condition in which it was received.

Q: Do I pay rent directly to Cornell University?

A: Student rent will be billed through their bursar account in two equal installments prior to the fall and spring semesters. Employees and PhD students have the option to pay monthly by check or via semi-monthly payroll deduction (recommended).

Q: I have submitted my application for housing. Are the Housing Deposit and the Security Deposit the same thing?

A: The Housing Deposit is $800 and must be paid to confirm your acceptance of a Housing License Agreement. It is payment towards rent in advance and will be credited on your bursar account towards rent (master’s students), deducted from your first month’s rent (employees or PhD students paying by check), or credited towards your payroll deduction amount (employees or PhD students). The Security Deposit is a required payment made on or before move in and will be returned to you when you move out, assuming no damages or excessive cleaning is required for you apartment. The Security Deposit amount varies by apartment type and can be seen on the Residences page.

Q: If I am a PhD student, postdoc or a masters student in a two year masters program, and I want to live in The House for the next academic year, can my license agreement be for 12 months?

A: Yes, if you commit to a second year of housing, there will be no interruption in your license from year one to year two.

Q: Is family housing available?

A: Yes, families are welcome at The House at Cornell Tech. Please see our family policy to learn more about this.

Q: Is there an option to be employed as a resident assistant for the building?

A: The House at Cornell Tech is a full service apartment building, not a dorm style residence hall. There are no resident assistants required for this building.

Q: Is this a non-smoking building?

A: The House at Cornell Tech is a non-smoking building and Cornell Tech is a non-smoking campus. Cornell Tech prohibits the smoking and carrying of lighted cigars, cigarettes, or pipes, and the use of electronic cigarettes (vaping) in all indoor facilities, the rooftop terraces, and anywhere on the campus grounds.

Q: Do faculty members reside on the same floor as students?

A: Faculty units are located on the 24th and 25th floors of the building only. Graduate student, PhD student, postdoctoral, and academic housing is located on floors 3 through 23.

Q: If I am an admitted student to Cornell Tech, am I guaranteed housing?

A: No, housing is not guaranteed, and it is recommended that you apply for housing as early as possible.

Q: Can I select my unit within the building?

A: Residents are able to select an apartment type and specific zone within the building in which they would prefer to live. For more detail on the unit types, floor plans and zones click here.

Q: I am an individual interested in more space. Can I opt to pay for a larger apartment, such as a 2 bedroom?

A: Occupancy for the building will be managed each year based on population size and the interests of potential occupants. If space is available there may be an option to license a larger unit.

Q: Are visitors and guests allowed?

A: Visitors are allowed per the security procedures for the building. Overnight guests are allowed for not more than five (5) consecutive nights in a seven (7) day period, if it is not inconvenient for apartment mates or those on your floor. Approval of longer-term guests (family, partners, etc.) may be requested through management office procedures. Guests must check in at the security desk, observe all building and University rules and regulations, and you are responsible for their behavior or any damages. Residents may not rent their apartment to visitors as this is in violation of license agreements and NYC regulations.

Q: Can I tour the building or see a model apartment before applying or accepting my housing?

A: There is a virtual model apartment tour on the Residences page of this website. Students attending the admitted students event in March will be able to participate in scheduled guided tours of select model apartments. There are also photos and floor plans located on the Residences page that should provide a sense of the residential experience.

Q: When can I apply for housing?

A: Once accepted to an academic program, students will be able to apply for housing through the online link at the top of each page of this website.

Q: Is it possible to ship items to The House prior to my arrival?

A: The building operations team is unable to accept mail, deliveries, or moving company items on your behalf prior to your arrival.

Q: What time of day can I move in and receive my key?

A: The move in process requires that you review your apartment/room with a building team member prior to receiving your key. This can be done during business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. During major move in periods around August 1st we will extend to weekend hours and communicate that to you. If you have questions as you plan your arrival, please connect with housing@tech.cornell.edu.